AMERICAN BULLY is a bodybuilder in the dog world. When looking at this squat, sturdy man with a predator’s grin, it is hard to believe in the friendliness and gentle disposition of the animal. However, down with the stereotypes!


Breed name: American Bully
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 20-58 kg
Height (height at the withers): 30-57 cm
Life expectancy: 8-15 years


The American Bully is a young breed, but has already managed to fall in love with dog breeders: a formidable appearance, coupled with an affectionate character, surprises many.
In addition to the unofficial ones, there are four registered breed types: standard, classic, pocket (pocket) and XL.
These dogs join any family «collective» and tenderly treat every person, and especially the one they consider their master.
American bullies find it hard to come to terms with constant loneliness, but the absence of the owner during the working day will not cause resentment in animals.
Being owners of a good–natured character, dogs still tend to dominate others, so they need a firm hand — both for upbringing and for training.

Documentation on breeding work on American bullies does not have reliable information, therefore, potential progenitors of the breed include not only pit Bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers, but also bulldogs – French, English and even American. Many founders of nurseries (in particular, Razor’s Edge owner Dave Wilson) The incest of representatives of more than two breeds was denied, but the fact remains that the genotype of the American bully absorbed the traits of at least five breeds.

The history of the breed’s origin is notable for the fact that more than one dog breeder or club was engaged in breeding work. Hundreds of American specialists worked on the creation of improved animals. They mostly lived in the states of Southern California and Virginia, but soon the fashion for dogs spread throughout the country. The future breed was given a name – bully, which means «bully, bully» in English.

The breed was recognized in 2004. ABKC, UKC and EBKC became the first cynological organizations that added «Americans» to the official register. They also fixed the bully standard, which includes four varieties of dogs. Some small associations have developed their own classification of the breed based on the exterior and size.

The American Bully BREED STANDARD

The American bully belongs to medium-sized breeds. In the external appearance of the animals, there is a distant resemblance to their ancestors – pit bulls and amstaffs – with the exception of a more powerful and stocky physique. Despite the impressive mountain of muscles, dogs are quite compact and agile, so they are able to give odds to many representatives of fighting breeds – both in speed and endurance.

Depending on the height at the withers, American bullies are divided into four categories.

• The Standard is the standard of the breed. It is considered the most numerous. The height of males varies between 43-51 cm, females – 40-48 cm.
• Classic is a lightweight version of the «standard» bullets. It bears the most obvious resemblance to pit bulls and Staffordshire Terriers. The height of the animals at the withers is similar to the «standard» type: 43-51 cm (males) and 40-48 cm (females).
• Pocket Pocket is the smallest of all the «Americans». The height of males reaches 36-43 cm, females – 33-40 cm. Otherwise, the appearance of the dogs fully complies with the breed standard.
• XL is a giant among American bullies. Males grow up to 51-57 cm, females — 48-54 cm

• In addition to the main categories, there is also an unofficial classification of «Americans». Bulli, which are lower than representatives of the pocket type, belong to the «Micro» variety. The largest dogs belong to the XXL category. Previously, the fifth type, «Extreme», was also included among the types fixed by the standard. Over time, it was abolished on the initiative of the Cynological Club of American Bullies for demonstration purposes.

Colour: lilac tricolor merle
Sex: female
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